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Since the beginning of activity in the remote 1880 the mission of Spinelli family and today of FIMM Italia S.p.A. has been to work well. These 2 simple words explain the success of over 130 years of work and customer satisfaction.
The word Quality has been commonly used more recently but also the first customers of Celestino Spinelli received quality without being aware of it, they just trusted who manufactured those products.
Today the requirement is the same but the concept of Quality evolved very little in essence but much in the form of accomplishing and communicating. It is not sufficient to give just quality but certainty of quality and be able to demonstrate how it is obtained.


Fimm can assure quality by doing all this

1 Product development



To have quality a product must be designed to meet the project requirements. The absolute good quality doesn't exist or if existing it would be excessive in most cases. The 'good quality product' is what can fully meet the requirements.

FIMM offers a wide range of options to configure economic, medium, premium products allowing customers to optimize their range with 'right products'.




2 Good raw materials



Raw material is essential for final product. FIMM sources from the best global producers of steel, plastic and more.








All materials are checked and tested before being used to assure the specified caracteristic.







3 Methods and production equipment

Metodi1Metodi2Manufacturing of a quality product is assured only by reliable, repeteable and controlled equipment. FIMM has appropriate procedures and equipment that, being generated internally are under strict control and continuous improvement.



4 People



Even if very automated the word depends always on peole. FIMM has at all levels extensively experienced staff working under specified procedures, always with the best personal care to the customer and the product.


5 Control








The production flow is continuously checked at every step to assure the final result.
Final tests are carried out on products, specific tests requested by customers can be added, eventually completed by testing certificates


Each pallet has this label containing all information to trace the manufacturing history of the product. On request more detail can be added, for example the lot number on the bag or on each piece.







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