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The thread is the connection of the handle to the tool: broom, mop or other.
There are two main types of thread:
internal assembly with crimpings on the tube
external assembly where the thread has a collar-shaped extension and is press-fit on the tube. This version can improve the appearance in some applications and has the important advantage of protecting the tube end in wet applications (mops for example).
The basic solution is in black color made of high quality recycled PP, any other color can be choosen to match with the color of the cap or the tube.
Despite attempts of unification many types of thread exist in the market, FIMM produces all main types to accomodate all needs. It is important to verify that handle and tool have the same type of thread and it is recommended to validate it with a sample.





vite italiana


vite francese




vite americana



long american


vite messicanamexican

vite universaleuniversal


Vite italiana esterna

italian external

Vite francese esterna

french external

Vite tedesca esterna

german external

Vite greca esterna

greek external

X plug

X plug

Plug liscio

plug liscio

Vite italiana esterna diam 24

italian external 24

Italian Pro

Italian Pro

Italian thread with hole.




Clip used to join two 19 or 21mm tubes, typical application broom+dustpan.




piramidale sferica
Pyramidal crimping
Spherical crimping


Internal assembly threads are fixed by crimping of the tube. The standard and strongest version has 8 crimping points made by pyramidal tips.
The resistance depends also on the thickness of the tube so being higher with tubes of high thickness.
In case of not accepting the perforation of the tube in the crimping points, crimping with spherical tips is available






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