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manico multipezzi

The handle is long and bulky therefore it is not suitable for compact packaging, displays or online sales.

The multipiece handle is the perfect solution to this problem: it is divided into 2 to 5 sections forming an handle of the required length and strong as being in a single piece. No structural part is made of plastic.

Assembling is simple and intuitive: assemble the sections and hit on the floor for final locking; once assembled it will never separate.

FIMM produces the multipiece in 21mm diameter, 0,34mm thickness, shiny coating, Full cap and any thread.


 Sections Length cm Length of single section mm
3 120  441
4 120 346
5 120 288
3 130 475
4 130 371
5 130 308



These are the standard lengths and combinations, other can be made on request.







Each handle is packed in a polybag, one side of which can be printed.









Standard master carton of 50 pieces









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