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General information and product configuration


The handle is a simple product but has infinite possibilities and variations. For this reason the production is normally made to order and few are the generic items that can be available from stock.
This allows the customer to configure its own product with great freedom; FIMM creates in its ERP system one reference for each item, even with small variations, so having all features carefully coded and always properly accomplished.
The first step is to configure the handle in all details following this guide giving helpful advice and options; use the links to the specific pages for detailed information.




FIMM produces fix handles with diameter 19-21-24mm, telescopic with 21/19mm and 24/21mm, multipiece 21mm.

The most common diameter is 21mm which has a final diameter of 21,3 to 22mm depending on the coating.







FIMM produces the steel tube with wall thicknes from 0.20mm to 0.45mm.

The selection of thickness influences the strength and therefore the safety, the quality and the price.

FIMM recommends to choose the wall thickness considering all technical necessities of the final product.






The length is considered as total length of the handle including the cap and thread.
FIMM produces any length from 60 to 150cm, with standard increments of 5cm, the most popular lengths for brooms and mops are 110-120-130cm.


telescopicoFor telescopic handles the possible lengths (of the fully extended handle) are:
Diameter 21/19: 120 to 200 cm
Diameter 24/21: 130 to 300 cm




For applications requiring very short dimension to optimize the packaging FIMM produces the multipiece handle allowing very compact packaging.



Coating and decoration


Very important for the appearance and quality. See all options for coating to choose the best for your product.
Special finishings and decorations are also available for a better personalization.






Cap is an important element for the appearance and the quality.





The selection of the thread is important specially for products sold in various countries with different thread standards.





The selection of color is necessary for the coating, the cap, the thread. Coating and cap may need to choose 2 or more colors. It is recommended to harmonize the color among them and with the final product.
To specify colors the RAL or Pantone® codes are used, this is however only approximate because the same colorant can produce variable color tones when used in different materials or surfaces.
FIMM has many colors in stock all identified by an internal code that appears in the item description, it is recommended to choose from this list to have faster delivery. If this is not possible, specify the requested colors by RAL or Pantone®, codes or samples; this will need longer times to sample and approve the colors, will also add cost and require higher minimum order.

Packing and labeling

fotopaccoThe packing protects the product and assures efficient logistic down to the final user. Detailed specification is necessary to allow FIMM to properly execute all directions.


Logistics and shipping


Good logistic is important to keep costs low and have the best service. FIMM cooperates with the best forwarders to arrange transportation meeting customer requirements.

For full container or truck loads FIMM calculates exact dimension and weight and suggests, during the order confirmation process, eventual adjustments of quantity to optimize the load.


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